3 tips for building your own tiny house on wheels


There has been a tiny house movement recently and it has encouraged many people to move to a 100 to 400 square feet house. You can build your own tiny house on wheels easily. Here are some tips that can help you.

Set up a budget

You should first decide on the budget. You must follow the budget strictly in order to avoid overspending. There is no fixed budget for building this type of house. It can range from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. You should have a master plan before you start building the house. You should know how your home will look like, what materials will be used, You must keep 10% to 20% of the money as cushion money for any unpredictable events.

Find location

Though you might be moving around with your house in different places, it is wise to build the home near a hardware store. You might need to buy things often for repairing the home.

Get insurance policy

You must get an insurance for this type of house also. The type of insurance you need to take depends on whether you are going to stay at the same place or move around on wheels. If you keep your house in one place permanently then you should take up a home insurance policy. If you move once in a year, you will need to get a stationary trailer policy. If it moves on wheels quite frequently then you should buy the travel trailer policy.

You need to make a solid plan before you start building your tiny house on wheels. You should learn about the rules of regulations of the place where you want to build it. Different zoning areas have different requirements. There is a limitation on the size of the house. So, you need to make sure that you are able to build a house in such circumstance.

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